Manual dyno

Manual dyno provides a fast way to enter dyno information for any engine. You can click in the 1000 rpm torque box, enter a number, and press the "tab" key. The horsepower will be calculated and displayed in the adjacent box. The 1500 rpm torque box will light up and you can type another figure. Then hit "tab" again. Now enter data for 2000 rpm, etc.. It's very quick and easy to enter data for any engine. In the "Engine test conditions" area, you can place the environmental factors your data was measured at or corrected to. This will serve as the baseline for altering your power curve to the environmental conditions you want to test at. A small sampling of example dyno curves is included in the menu and you can save as many of your own as you like. By checking your favorite curves as you save them, they will be loaded into the menu automatically everytime Straightline Acceleration Simulator starts.