Time to distance test

If you'd like to test for a distance other than the 1/4 mile, select a distance here. You can also specify any starting speed or gear, so setting up for something other than the dragstrip is possible too. If you run the salt flats or other high speed courses, the acceleration and timing zone distances can be added together and placed here. Be sure to change the altitude and weather conditions in the race environment to reflect the high altitude. Perhaps there is a straightaway on a road course you'd like to see an improvement on. Enter a speed and gear exiting a corner, then approximate the distance to your braking zone.

This example shows a simple 500 foot run. It's the same car from the "time to speed" example, only the clutch was slipped here at 1350 rpm instead of almost 4500 rpm. However, it can still spin the wheels through the middle and upper range of first gear. The graph is easily displayed from this window. Simply click the "View graph" button. Also, since this and all other windows are displayed over the main screen, the transmission, differential, and other buttons are still visible, allowing for quick and easy changes and direct access to the "Go" button. Meanwhile, the results of all your previous tests will be visible in the main screen for quick comparison.