This is the transmission window. There is room for eight gears, enough for most motorcycles as well as vehicles using 4 speed automatics with gear-splitters. The mechanical efficiency can be set individually for each gear. Or, the torque loss due to friction can be set instead. This means there is no guessing at what the efficiency of your drivetrain will be! By setting the torque losses to zero or the efficiencies to 100%, you can use a dyno curve from the driving wheels to predict performance. Also, as you change shift rpm's for each gear or change gear ratios, the starting rpm for the next gear is automatically updated. Great for choosing custom gearing for your vehicle. And as you can see below, many transmissions' gear ratios are preloaded into Straightline Acceleration Simulator.

You can save and load your own transmission files too. If you'd like, they will be added into the menu of your choice for quick access and automatically be loaded into their appropriate menus everytime the program starts. Great for trading files on the internet. Simply copy the files into the proper folder, and they will be auto-loaded every time you start the program.